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Resonance Across Time 

The ringing of bells has meant many things to people for centuries: the call to worship, a marking of time,

an alarm for danger, the joy of marriage, the sorrow of death. Jill Jarman’s new piece for internationally

renowned percussionist Evelyn Glennie with viols and voices mixes the sounds of old and new, life and death,

celebration and mourning, and examines the call of bells pealing across centuries of human experience.


Resonance Across Time frames a concert programme that explores the connections between old and new music, with the bell as the starting point of the journey. The day begins, a clock strikes, sacred chant drifts across the landscape as worshippers make their bleary-eyed way to church. Light dawns, and we compare the shifting subtle harmonies of Max Richter's string quartet On The Nature of Daylight, with the rippling arpeggiated flow of Abel's prelude for solo gamba. Evelyn's own piece A Little Prayer joins the church day, and evening rolls in with the beautiful Wilbye madrigal 'Draw On Sweet Night'. Resonance will interrupt a hitherto tranquil day with a loud and panic-stricken alarm. The more serious tolling of a funeral bell calls to mind the Nunc Dimittis, both historical settings and Jarman's own version called Revelation, written for voices and viols in 2013 and re-worked for this programme to include Evelyn.


We are delighted to be joined by singers Emily Atkinson (soprano) David Gould (countertenor) Steven Harrold (tenor) and Robert Rice (baritone). This programme is being managed by Bright Ivy.


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(working title)

A new comission for Chelys with Evelyn Glennie and SATB voices

by composer Jill Jarman