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The complete 

Purcell fantasias and in nomines

recording scheduled for August 2019

The complete Purcell fantasias and in nomines: That's the 3-part fantasias, 4-part fantasias, the completely mad 5-part fantasia 'on one note', the glorious 6-part in nomine, and the possibly even more glorious 7-part in nomine. Astonishingly, BIS don't have a recording of a viol consort playing this repertoire, so we are delighted to be making it for them.


When a record label agrees to take on a disc, they are undertaking the costs of production (i.e. printing the CDs, art work, and, in the case of BIS, international distribution etc) The cost of making and mastering the actual recording falls to the artist. Recording music is expensive! There are expert engineers and producers to engage, venues to hire, artists to pay (we can't play the 7-part in nomine on our own!) We have over half of our funding in place for this recording and are now looking for the final bit, about £2,500. And this is where you can help! We are enormously grateful for the continued and generous support we receive for all our various projects, and we like to make sure we show our appreciation for it. We would love to hear from anyone who might be interested in contributing to the Purcell Project in any way, large or small.


Here are some other contributions you might consider:

£50 - we will send you a signed copy of the CD

£100 - we will send you a signed copy of the CD and a pair of tickets to the launch event

£250 - we will make you an exclusive video of one of the fantasias

£500 - sponsor a fantasia! Choose your favourite fantasia and put your name to it! You can even come and hear it being recorded.

Email us now!

Recording complete! 

Here we are, joined by Emily Ashton and Harry Buckoke for the 6- and 7-part in nomines, and with producer Matthew Bennet and engineer Dave Rowell.

Look out for updates and sneak previews to come!

Recording photos-3