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stage David Gould

A Selection of Programmes

All the Kings' Men Music from the courts of Charles I and II

Charles I was king from 1625 until his execution in 1649, there followed an interregnum, until 1660 when the English, Scottish and Irish monarchies were all restored under Charles II. John Cooper (Giovanni Coperario) worked for Charles I, taught William Lawes, and presumably also knew John Jenkins who worked for the court and played lyra for Charles II. Matthew Locke served Charles II as Composer of the Wind Music, and Composer for the Violins, being succeeded by Henry Purcell.

Pictures at an Exhibition

with David Gould - countertenor


Inspired by the paintings of Renaissance Masters, including:

Primavera - Sandro Botticelli; Young Man Among Roses -

Nicholas Hilliard; Susanna and the Elders - Anthony van Dyck

The programme includes: Weelkes - Upon A Bank With

Roses; Dowland - Can She Excuse my Wrongs; Lassus -

Susanne ung Jour

Music With Her Silver Sound

Readings from Shakespeare's plays and sonnets,

with music to complement. Opelia quoting from

'Robin is to the Greenwood Gone'; the gardeners in

'Richard III' with Johns Jenkins' fantasia on All in a Garden Green;  'A Midsummer Night's Dream' paired with music

from Purcell's 'Fairy Queen'; and a whistle-stop re-telling of

Will Kemp's famous Nine Days Wonder, with extracts from

his diary musically illustrated with folk tunes and songs

with Sarah Finch - actress

IMG_3285_2 frame 2 Will Kemp