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at an Exhibition


a programme

inspired by

the paintings of



Botticelli_Primavera_1482 frame wallpaper

Paintings include:


Sandro Botticelli

Young Man Among Roses Nicholas Hilliard

Susanna and the Elders Tintoretto

Adoration of the Magi



Music includes:

Weelkes - Upon A Bank With Roses

Dowland - Can She Excuse my Wrongs

Lassus - Susanne ung Jour

Byrd - Care for Thy Soul

Campion - Now Hath Flora Rob'd her Bow'rs

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David Gould is an experienced consort and choral singer appearing regularly with many leading choirs and ensembles, including the Cardinall's Musick, the King’s Consort and the Tallis Scholars.

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