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Michael East - with Fieri Consort

Michael East (1580-1648) was an English composer and

organist, working at Ely, and later Lichfield cathedrals.

He published seven books of his compositions, making him

one of the most published composers of his time, and all of

them contain music for viols and voices. East wrote a set of

eight 5-part fantasias for viols. They are unusual because

each has a Latin title, beginning with Desperavi, moving

through Peccavi, Penitet, Triumphavi, and ending with

Amavi. It seems likely that the pieces were conceived as a

set, but they are rarely performed as such This disc includes

them all. East's Fourth book was published in 1618, four

hundred years ago this year, and it is from here that most

of our vocal items are taken. The title page reads:


The Fourth Set of Bookes, wherein are anthemes for versus and chorus, madrigals,

and songs of other kindes, to 4. 5. and 6. parts: apt for viols and voyces


Most of the verse anthems in our programme come from this book and have been chosen, like the other vocal items, to compliment the subject of the preceding fantasia.  Other pieces are from East’s 1610 collection, and we also include ‘Hence Stars', East's contribution to The Triumphs of Oriana published by Thomas Morley in 1601.

We are very excited to have commissioned a new piece by composer Jill Jarman to sum up the journey of the fantasias from Desperavi to Amavi. Four hundred years after East's own 1618 book for voices and viols, Jill is setting a verse by the poet Sir Henry Wotton, whose words East uses elsewhere in his output, and which perfectly encapsulate the journey from Despair to Love.


The recording is scheduled for released by BIS in December 2020. You can hear sneak previews here:

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