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Ayres and Graces

Christoper Simpson

with Jamie Akers & Dan Tidhar

I found them so convincing that I

doubt whether these fresh and

appealing interpretations could be

bettered  - MusicWeb International



A Pleasing Melancholy

John Dowland and others

with Emma Kirkby & Jamie Akers

If you're looking for the most

beautiful recording of the

Lachrimae,this is unquestionably it

- Gramophone



Run Barefoot Holler

Greg Hall with Chelys

An Album with singer/songwriter

and guitarist Greg Hall


CD cover BIS

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Dowland CD cover Cavalier Christmas Run Barefoot Holler

A Cavalier Christmas

The Ebor Singers with Chelys


A fascinating disc, beautifully performed, and of very high quality - Classic FM






Michael East and Jill Jarman

with Fieri Consort


currently being mastered - watch this space!